Month: February 2023

How ELSA Speak Benefits Non-Native English Speakers

ELSA Speak is the first app to combine artificial intelligence and real-life videos to teach non-native English speakers how to speak like natives. With over 1,200 lessons to choose from, you can learn a variety of topics. With a few minutes each day, you can build the skills you need to communicate with people from

Riding on a Budget: Cost-Saving Tips for Horse Owners

Horses are beautiful creatures that provide their owners with many joys, from the satisfaction of caring for and training a living being to the exhilaration of riding. However, as with any pet, owning a horse can be an expensive undertaking. From the initial purchase price to ongoing care, food, and equipment, the cost of owning

How Vietcetera Benefits From AWS

As the country continues to grow, it is vital for companies to provide a range of benefits and services that will support their employees. A recent report by Talentnet, the exclusive partner of asset management company Mercer, delved into Vietnam’s dynamic workforce to understand their challenges, what makes them stay with a company, and their

Mighty Patch Benefits Your Pimple

Pimple patches are like a Band-Aid for zits, but instead of containing antibiotics or anti-inflammatory ingredients, they’re made from hydrocolloid — a gel forming agent that creates a moist environment to promote healing. This makes them a better alternative to traditional zit creams and pimple popping, which can lead to dark spots and scarring. Luckily,