Apna App Benefits

The Apna app provides many benefits, including a way to find a job. It also helps new entrepreneurs to create their own business. It connects workers with other people in their domain or network, and it addresses a large TAM.

Helps job seekers find jobs

Apna is a job search app that offers an array of features and benefits. It helps users find jobs by facilitating professional networking and upskilling. It also provides tips and tricks for interviewing. It enables users to contact potential employers directly.

The app allows users to find jobs that match their qualifications and experience. It also enables people to join communities. This includes groups devoted to learning new skills, finding work and starting a business.

The app is free to use and has no advertisements. The company lists about 10,000 active job listings. It has strict measures for keeping user details safe. It also provides video tutorials and guides to help users prepare for interviews.

Connects workers with people in their domain or network

Apna is an online professional community that matches workers with opportunities based on their skills and interests. It also provides users with the opportunity to network with others in their domain. Using Apna’s peer learning platform, you can find job interview tips, tips for improving your English, and other valuable information that can help you secure a new job.

Apna helps India’s working class by providing them with access to jobs and skill-building opportunities. Its mission is to democratize the job hunt in India.

In addition to its core service, Apna offers a range of free resources, including training and webinars. It has also partnered with leading Indian organizations, such as UNICEF Yuwaah and the National Skill Development Corporation. It is currently in the process of launching resume building services and career counselling.

Helps to start a business

Apna, India’s fastest growing professional app, helps professionals and companies find the right people and opportunities. It has 22 million active users in 70 cities. The app allows job seekers to post their resume, look for jobs, and connect with other professionals. It also provides useful business tips.

Apna’s business model revolves around upskilling. Its goal is to democratize the Indian job hunt. A premium version of the app would help individuals who need a lot of help. It also offers free courses to consumers.

Apna aims to make job hunting easier by allowing users to search for the right jobs, and the best ways to get hired. Its platform will also provide career counselling. In the future, it plans to add a resume building feature.

Addresses a large TAM

Apna is a global digital employment platform that helps professionals and businesses find jobs, learn skills and build careers. Founded by Nirmit Parikh and funded by investors including Tiger Global and Insight Partners, Apna is poised for a major expansion.

Apna has over 16 million users and more than one million recruiters. It helps people from around the world find work and has helped more than a million people find work in the pandemic year. In June, Apna was valued at $570 million. Now, it plans to expand across India and in other high-potential international markets.

The Apna team has over 200 members from prestigious universities and top consulting, consumer technology and consulting firms. They will continue to hire and grow the workforce and launch new features to support career counseling, resume building and engineering.

CloudSQL enables AI modeling on Apna

Using CloudSQL and the Pub/Sub data integration service, Apna was able to quickly set up pipelines to process millions of daily data points. This helped the company detect abusive behavior in real time, while also generating new machine learning models.

BigQuery is a powerful analytics tool that provides users with real-time data capturing, fine grained data governance, and sophisticated AI modeling. In addition, it provides an automated backup capability.

Another Cloud product worth mentioning is the Spanner service. This fully managed, relational Google Cloud database service combines the benefits of a relational architecture with non-relational scalability. It also offers multi-language support, as well as automatic replication.

BigQuery allows Apna to perform ML modeling with virtually zero DevOps intensity

BigQuery is a cloud-based data warehousing solution that allows users to create, query, and analyze huge data sets. It also offers machine learning and predictive analytics capabilities.

BigQuery uses a number of SQL and ML tools to help users build and train models. It also supports external BI tools. Some of the models it supports include time series, matrix factorization, and boosted tree models.

The process of building and training a model with BigQuery is relatively easy. The tool offers a graphical user interface (GUI) that allows users to easily select and run a model. It also enables data analysts to build Machine Learning models without a programming background.