How ELSA Speak Benefits Non-Native English Speakers

ELSA Speak is the first app to combine artificial intelligence and real-life videos to teach non-native English speakers how to speak like natives. With over 1,200 lessons to choose from, you can learn a variety of topics.

With a few minutes each day, you can build the skills you need to communicate with people from around the world. Plus, there’s a community of language learners that can help you stay motivated and keep on track.

1. Instant Feedback

ELSA Speak is an AI-powered English pronunciation app that aims to help non-native speakers improve their speaking skills. It works by assessing your speech compared to audio files of native English speakers.

The ELSA Speak app provides instant feedback on your pronunciation, intonation and fluency. It will rank your scores from 0 to 100 percent and provide you with information on how close you are to a native speaker.

Another unique feature is that it uses gamification to keep you interested and motivated in your learning. It also allows you to create customized study sets based on your personal goals.

The ELSA Speak app has been downloaded by over 4 million people and can be used by anyone who wants to improve their English speaking abilities. It offers a wide variety of content and includes a free trial period for new users.

2. Personalized Learning

ELSA speak is a unique pronunciation app that uses cutting-edge AI-powered technology to pinpoint your mistakes and provide instant feedback. It helps you communicate more clearly in English, whether it’s for job opportunities, education, travel, living and working abroad, culture and entertainment or other reasons.

It also teaches you how to use stress syllables in words, improve your tone and intonation, and help you understand how native speakers say certain sounds differently. The AI assessment ensures you’re getting the right pronunciation every time.

The personalized learning feature of ELSA Speak lets you set goals for your language progress, ranging from 10 minutes a day (casual learning) to 20 minutes a day (serious learning). This gives you the flexibility to tailor your learning experience so you can reach your objectives faster and easier.

Personalized learning is an approach to teaching that adapts to students’ individual needs and learning styles using artificial intelligence. It can be an effective way to include struggling students in the classroom without compromising academic standards. It may also reduce the stigma of special education and make sure students get support sooner.

3. Track Your Progress

ELSA speak uses AI and deep learning to help you improve your English pronunciation. It gives you instant feedback to help you make the right adjustments, so you can become a confident English speaker in no time.

It also helps you prepare for international standardized tests like the IELTS and TOEFL. The app teaches you how to say different sounds and sound groups by listening to videos from native speakers who show you the correct mouth shape and tongue placement.

The lessons are fun and easy to follow. You can even track your progress in each skill and compare your results to your friends’.

ELSA speaks is a unique, free AI-powered speech assistant that aims to support non-natives who want to learn a neutral American accent. It uses a combination of artificial intelligence and real-world videos from native speakers to improve your pronunciation.

4. Fun & Easy

ELSA Speak is an English speaking app that uses artificial intelligence to pinpoint your pronunciation mistakes and give you real-time feedback. This makes learning to speak English easier and more fun than ever!

Unlike other apps that focus on vocabulary, grammar, and listening practice, ELSA Speak only helps you improve your English pronunciation. It’s a good choice for people who want to master the art of English speech, but it may not be for all learners.

The app offers more than 1,200 lessons, with new content being added regularly. Each one has videos by a native speaker that teach you how to say different sounds correctly.

ELSA Speak also provides listening practice using audio files and multiple-choice questions. For example, you see a word like “nice,” and you can choose which of two audio clips has the right ending sound.