How Vietcetera Benefits From AWS

As the country continues to grow, it is vital for companies to provide a range of benefits and services that will support their employees. A recent report by Talentnet, the exclusive partner of asset management company Mercer, delved into Vietnam’s dynamic workforce to understand their challenges, what makes them stay with a company, and their demands for more holistic benefits.

1. Insightful data

In its mission to deliver a unified content experience across English and Vietnamese, Vietcetera uses AWS to support its fast-growing content publishing and distribution needs. The media company, which claims to have served more than 20 million users worldwide, leverages Amazon ElastiCache for website performance and Amazon CloudFront for fast, low-latency delivery of content.

AWS also helps Vietcetera build a data-driven user profile to better serve its audience with personalized article and podcast recommendations. By leveraging Amazon Athena, a machine learning service that analyses data to create a unified user profile, Vietcetera is able to deliver more relevant content and increase its readers’ engagement.

Lastly, AWS helps Vietcetera achieve its industry-leading speed by running on Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), a fully managed virtualised computing system that helps organisations scale applications on demand. This allows Vietcetera to deliver more than 257GB of rich multimedia content daily at a lower cost. The results are personalised podcasts, videos, and news articles that grow monthly readership by 50 per cent.

2. Personalized content

The best companies are able to personalize their marketing in a way that makes consumers feel like they are being addressed by name and listened to. This approach creates brand loyalty and helps to increase revenue, as well as client retention.

A customer’s age, location and even their interests can all be used to personalize content. It is also common for businesses to use customer personas to tailor content based on the characteristics and preferences of their ideal customers.

In B2B marketing, this type of personalization can be helpful when sending email campaigns or landing pages to potential business clients. It can be especially useful when a company knows a particular buyer has been looking for specific solutions to a particular problem.

The ability to deliver personalized content is a powerful tool for businesses of all types. It is important for businesses to understand that if they do not personalize their content, they will not be successful at engaging with their audiences.

3. Connecting with audiences

Vietnam-based media company Vietcetera connects with its audiences through podcasts and videos. These are the mediums that resonate with its target audience, including HENRYs, Gen Z, and millennials.

The media company has a dedicated team of editors, reporters, and creatives to curate news content across its platforms. These experts produce personalised podcasts, videos, and articles in English and Vietnamese for more than 20 million users worldwide.

Using AWS, Vietcetera can deliver podcasts and videos to its users at a lower cost and increase website speed. It also uses machine learning services to help create personalised user experiences faster at scale, ensuring that users stay engaged and continue to visit its site.

The media company recently raised a US$2.7 million pre-Sequence A funding round led by North Base Media, an investment firm focused on digital-driven opportunities in growth markets. The investment will go toward new shows and podcasts, mobile application development, franchise and content licensing, and future acquisitions.

4. Investing in the future

A booming economy and a young population with a high level of technological engagement means Vietnam is in a prime position to embrace and adopt the latest digital innovations. Its smartest move might be incorporating blockchain into its ecosystem, allowing it to compete with global players in the tech world.

It’s also a good idea to invest in eco-friendly technologies that can help the country become a more sustainable business, both economically and environmentally. For example, EVC has been bringing together investors, entrepreneurs and tech companies to develop scalable business models that can tackle climate change while still maintaining high profits.

Most people think of investing in a cup of coffee or a bowl of pho, but it’s not uncommon for Vietnamese to make micro-investments with just VND 50,000 – slightly more than US $2. Several startups are making this possible with fintech, a new way to invest money in the country’s financial markets. The most impressive of these is Finhay, a company that’s helping to turn the country’s capital markets into the next big thing.