Mighty Patch Benefits Your Pimple

Pimple patches are like a Band-Aid for zits, but instead of containing antibiotics or anti-inflammatory ingredients, they’re made from hydrocolloid — a gel forming agent that creates a moist environment to promote healing.

This makes them a better alternative to traditional zit creams and pimple popping, which can lead to dark spots and scarring. Luckily, there are now a ton of mighty patch benefits that make these little circular patches worth the cost.

Acne Clearing

Acne patches are a quick and easy way to clear up breakouts when they’re just popping up. You can use them as an extra step in your daily skin care routine, or wear them overnight to see immediate results.

Hydrocolloid acne patches can be applied right on the spot as they absorb excess fluid and blemish-causing bacteria. They can also reduce inflammation and redness of the blemish, speed up healing, and minimize scarring.

In fact, they’re so effective at reducing the appearance of whiteheads that many people see results after just one use.

These small, white acne patches suck up pus and gunk, leaving pimples looking flatter in just 6 hours. And they’re safe to use on all skin tones.

There’s a variety of patches out there, each targeting different types of acne and delivering a specific set of benefits. But there’s one thing they all have in common: They keep pimples covered and protected, so you can’t pick at them or irritate them.

Inflammation Relief

A mighty patch benefits your pimple in a couple of ways: It absorbs excess fluid (think: oil and pus) from your popped zit, which helps the spot to heal. It also helps to reduce inflammation, protects the area from bacteria, and minimizes scarring.

The hydrocolloid material of a mighty patch is a moisture-absorbing substance that’s been used in the medical community for decades to help with wound healing. It’s believed to work because it absorbs moisture and creates a moist environment to help the skin heal, versus dry dressings that can lead to more scarring and slower recovery time.

In fact, the hydrocolloid ingredient is used as the core of a number of products, from bandages to gels. For example, Nexcare has a line of hydrocolloid bandages that help treat wounds. And Hero Cosmetics has a variety of mighty patch products.

Brighter Skin

In addition to shrinking pimples, patches can help reduce inflammation and redness by soaking up fluids that cause them. They also help prevent blemishes from spreading and causing further damage by shielding skin from picking at the spots they cover.

Some patches are formulated specifically for this purpose and feature brightening ingredients, like tranexamic acid, to help lighten dark spots and hyperpigmentation that may have developed due to acne breakouts. Wood recommends these for people with darker skin tones and explains that they’re great for post-blemish dark marks that are more likely to develop on a deeper level than those in the surface layer of skin.

Hydrocolloid-based patches are a newer trend and are incredibly effective at soaking up gunk and fluids that make up a pimple. These clear stickers can be applied overnight, so you can wake up to a completely clear complexion.


Unlike anti-acne treatments like benzoyl peroxide and salicylic acid, which are drenched in harsh ingredients that irritate your skin, mighty patches absorb the gunk from your pimple (think: excess oil, dead skin cells, and more) to help expedite healing.

This means your zits will heal faster and are less likely to recur. It also means that your pores won’t be clogged with bacteria, which can lead to scarring.

These Insta-friendly stickers use hydrocolloid to soak up fluid, lower inflammation, and shrink zits overnight—most Google reviewers are raving about how much these work for them!

They also come in a variety of sizes, including a flat, invisible option for daytime and a more conspicuous overnight sticker that’s infused with spot-treating ingredients to minimise the appearance of bumps. They’re drug-free and non-drying, so they’re a safe alternative to other acne treatments.